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2011 Weyauwega International Film Festival - The Films




Atroz Spain - Narrative Short - 10min - Dir. Francisco Álvarez

Atroz is a curmudgeon teddy bear who will tell us the misfortunes that he will live to flee from his owner, Luna, a girl that harasses him every moment. This short film treats, in a reality and animation blending, classic issues present in children's tales.

Believe You Me USA - Narrative Feature 94min - Dir. Scott Honea

Content to pass the days as a small-town photographer in the listless South, Raleigh Elm is completely ill-prepared for a change that shakes him to his core. Blindsided by an unthinkable family crisis, Raleigh attempts to find relief from his grief by volunteering at a suicide prevention call center. He soon discovers that hot lines are anonymous for a reason, and some lines should never be crossed.

Camp Unity USA/IRAQ - Documentary - 83min - Dir. Ryan White

When a diverse group of Iraqi students unite through hip hop, jazz, orchestra, and Broadway at an American arts academy in Iraqi Kurdistan, cultures collide, egos clash, and dreams come true. Shot on location in Iraq, CAMP UNITY presents a “warts and all” vision of this life-changing event and allows a unique opportunity to look beyond the violent and sensational images of Iraq, to see beauty emerge from chaos.

CUTEeGrl USA - Narrative Short - 19m - Dir. Jeton Murtishi

An on-line chat room conversation with a child predator leads to a meeting with a loving family's 14 year old daughter... and an unexpected visitor...

The Day We Were USA - Narrative Short - 14m – Dir. Timo Elliott

A short, funny film that considers the idea of context, reality and the power of our collective imagination. In addition to timeless locations, period costumes, and a fantastic cast and crew, THE DAY WE WERE is based on an original story, with smart dialog and a twist at the end that will leave the audience smiling.

Easy Street USA - Narrative Short - 24min - Dir.Russell Greene

A young, Southern lawyer goes to New York for a job interview with the country's most eccentric and intimidating Federal Judge. After experiencing the weirdest encounter of his life, he is given an ultimatum that pits his morality against his ambition. Both comically absurd and socially relevant, the film asks: How far would you go to land your dream job?

The Forest Prince and the Pig Man (Hitchhiking in America) USA - Documentary – 70min - Dir. Craig Constantine

Jump into the cars of strangers with Billy Jack, a lonesome traveler with a black hat and a guitar, as he thumbs from coast to coast. Then embark on a parallel journey, this one through time, as we trace the never-before-told history of bumming rides.

Frequent Flyers USA - Narrative Short - 15min – Dir. Matthew Troy

Ian is a seasoned paramedic who has been answering the call for sixteen years. Forced to choose between saving his career and attempting to save the life of a patient who may already be too far gone, Ian must act quick, follow his instincts, and do the right thing. Inspired by a true story.

Living River: The Ganges INDIA - Documentary - 58min - Dir. Vinit Parmar

A groundbreaking and up-close look at the pollution that’s been an ecological scourge troubling the revered Ganges River in India. The film delivers as yet an unexplored and authentic view of the river and the people struggling to compel change. This film illustrates the irony of Hindus profiting from the skin of "holy" cows while polluting the “sacred” Ganges River.

The Gunness Mystery USA – Documentary - 39min - Dir. Stephen Ruminski

Belle Gunness, one of the most prolific female serial killers in history. In the late 1800s, Belle Gunness emigrated from a small town in Norway to the bustling city of Chicago. Following the death of her first husband, she moved with several of her foster children to a farm in La Porte, Indiana. Belle began reaching out to men across the Midwest through a series of want ads in Scandinavian newspapers. They were told to sell their belongings, bring only cash, and not tell anyone where they were going. Those who came were never seen again.  Two of her victims were local to our area being from Iola and Scandinavia, Wisconsin.

Hotstuff  World Premiere - USA -Documentary – 50min - Dir. Robin Lehman

There's something so sensuous about watching hot glowing glass being worked, stretched, twisted, spun and cut! You can almost feel it. It's addictively mesmerizing! Six of the greatest living glass artists team up to show you their Hotstuff! You won't believe your eyes! This is hot glass as you've never seen before!

Just Nowhere USA - Narrative Short - 12min – Dir. Adam Buchsbaum

A man working endlessly at his gas station has a chance encounter.

Kappa the 5th  JAPAN - Narrative Short - 12min -Dir. Hideaki Hashimoto & Shou Yamamoto

The story is about 5th generation Kappa's (Kappa is a Japanese traditional monster, usually living in a river or in village) life in Saga, Japan. Kappa had become the legend of gang star but suddenly he changes his mind to be gentle. He comes back to his hometown to think about how to repay an obligation to his hometown. This truly bizarre film combines animation and live action.

Kenbe La- Hold On  HAITI/USA - Documentary – 85min - Dirs. Carolyn Armstrong & Stephen Anunso

Haiti's Holy Trinity Music School was about to celebrate its 50th Anniversary when the January 12th 2010 Earthquake left it in ruins. Though many instruments and lives were lost the spirit of music persevered. Filmed before and after the earthquake, Kenbe La chronicles the work of musicians as they ignite hope in their communities. It proves the importance of music education and reveals music's ability to heal and unite even amidst the most challenging circumstances. Made by Wisconsin Filmakers Carolyn Armstrong (Lawrence University) and Stephen Anunson.

MIJO (My Son) USA - Documentary Short - 10min – Dir. Chithra Jeyaram

Mijo (My Son) is an evocative portrayal of a mother and child's intimate relationship in the midst of life altering medical events.

Primary USA – Documentary – 60min – Dir. Richard Leacock

The film follows Senators Hubert Humphrey and John Kennedy as they campaign for the 1960 Democratic Party’s nomination for President in Wisconsin. The film was directed by Robert Drew and innovatively filmed by a crew including Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker and Albert Maysles who went on to make such films as MONTERAY POP, DON’T LOOK BACK and THE WAR ROOM.

Sawdust City USA - Narrative Feature – 94min - Dir. David Nordstrom

Fresh out of the Navy, Pete Church returns to his hometown on Thanksgiving to track down an alcoholic father he hasn’t seen in years. Unable to pick up the scent on his own, he calls his older brother Bob who has remained in town building a business and a family. The estranged siblings hit a series of old bars, but while Pete is intent on finding their father, Bob just wants to drink and reconnect with his little brother. As the quest falters, the drinking increases; old grievances arise, and the brothers must face the past and each other.  Sawdust City was filmed entirely on location in Eau Claire, WI.

Sierra Spirits USA - Narrative Short - 19min - Dir. Gary Brummer

Three of the goofiest cowboys in "1889" are hired by saloon owner (Buckshot) to hunt two dangerous men that robbed his saloon. These three goofy cowboys end up in a shootout at the okie dokie corral against the two robbers. Do they deliver the money to Buckshot and receive their reward or are they run out of town? Brummer currently resides in Wisconsin.

Square One (Rooz Az No) IRAN - Narrative Short - 20min – Dir. Navid Azad

Fariba, a 4-months pregnant woman feels her husband, Aziz, no longer wants her baby. So she decides to leave him and raise her baby by her own. However, things are not as she had expected them.

Tarantula Moonrocket USA - Narrative Short - 12min – Dir. Ross Cohen

Middle aged metal rock star Tarantula Moonrocket's career is going down the toilet. He rejects demands from his record company and his manager to be in a reality TV show and to fake scandalous behavior in order to increase publicity. Tarantula is put in a corner when he discovers that the record company own his name, image and likeness and it seems he has no choice but to follow their orders,

Valley Maker USA - Documentary - 71min - Dir. Sean Kafer

After completing the construction of a hand crafted barrel raft, filmmaker Sean Kafer travels 1600 miles down the Mississippi River from Prescott, Wisconsin to New Orleans.  Capturing Middle America’s backwaters, Valley Maker combines documentary and personal travelogue. The film is a chronological trip of living postcards compiled of forgotten places and present life on the big river. Sean Kafer is originally from New London, WI.

The Way Out USA USA – Narrative Short – 22min – Dir. Alex Kohnstamm When Jacob Cole decides that he wants to leave his life of crime and settle down with his girlfriend, he has to confront the very man that made him a big time hit man.